Food Analytics Conference 2024

November 13th, 2024

Announcing that we are back on November 13th, 2024

In 2024, the Food Analytics Conference will be back with yet another inspiring food science conference at the University of Copenhagen.

The Food Analytics Conference builds on presentations by inspiring guest speakers and leading food scientists from all over the world. The focus is on research leading to significant breakthroughs in the application of analytical technologies that leads to improvements in sustainability, quality, and safety in food production.

Program and Speakers

The first two keynote speakers, the Nils Foss Excellence and Talent Prize Laureates from 2023, have already been announced together with the date and time for Food Analytics Conference 2024.

Call for Abstracts will be opened in February 2024 and announced in September 2024.


Anne S. Meyer

Technical University of Denmark (DK)

Assistant Professor

Lutz Grossmann

University of Massachusetts Amherst (US)

Themes #1

Analytical technology in food and agriculture

  • Innovative food analytical technology including new sensor technology
  • Chromatographic methods
  • Mass spectrometry
  • Process analytical technology
  • Spectroscopic methods
  • Lab-on-a-chip

Themes #2

Data analytics in food and agricultural

  • Novel data analytical methods including artificial intelligence
  • Machine learning
  • Chemometrics
  • Mixed models
  • Data fusion
  • Deep learning
  • Data analytics concerning sustainable food production

2024 special theme
Themes #3

Enzymes & food analytics

  • New enzyme assays
  • Enzymology of fermented foods
  • Enzyme analyses in complex sample matrices
  • Analysis of enzyme action in foods
  • Enzymatic digestion for sample preparation

2024 special theme
Themes #4

Analytics of novel alternative proteins

  • Inline measurement techniques and high throughput screening
  • Protein molecular structures and macrostructures
  • Nanopore technology
  • Protein composition
  • Protein biophysics methods


The conference will take place at the assembly hall in the main building of the University of Copenhagen. You will find the entrance to the conference from Frue Plads.

The address is:
Festsalen, Frue Plads 4, 1165 Copenhagen K.

Festsalen, Frue Plads 4,
1165 Copenhagen K.

Register for the
Food Analytics Conference 2024

Register for the
Food Analytics Conference 2024